Friday, 10 May 2013

Week 19 Update: I'm still trying.

It's funny - during some of my 'challenges' I've had great insights, really started to chip away at my 'stuff', and felt very much in touch with what I'm trying to achieve. During others, I've not felt like this at all. This was one of those weeks.

This week, I set out to notice my aversion to reality, for want of a better description. Basically, when I see something that upsets me, I tend to make up a great big, convoluted story about it; a story that may or may not have some kernel of truth ... most likely not. So, instead of getting carried away by my story, this week's challenge was to remember that reality is reality. What I think about something - the story and drama I give it - doesn't change what's really going on. 

And I tried. I really did. I'm still trying. I just don't think I've had enough practice yet. 

So I'm going to work at it. Like all of my challenges, there's still plenty to explore, notice, live with. I can't tick anything off my list and say I've got it all figured out - that's unrealistic and, quite frankly, utterly naive. I'll never have it all figured out, I'll never get it 'right' all of the time. Mindfulness is about taking each moment as it comes, so I've got plenty of time to keep practising.

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