Friday, 31 May 2013

Week 22 Update: A little bit of wonderful.

Wonderful things are happening. I feel calmer, less rushed, more centred. This is despite the fact that I've just gone back to study and have plans to triple my yoga teaching load. My mindfulness quest is bearing fruit.

I think this week's challenge has a lot to do with it (plus, I'm still meditating daily, so that's gotta help) - eating and focusing on just one bite at a time is amazing! Really!

My default approach to eating is to get as much in as quickly as I can. It's as though I have this terrible fear I'm going to run out of food. I've always been this way ... My mum has reminded me that as a small child I would do the same thing - literally stuff chocolate chip cookies into my mouth while my parents weren't looking (I had the guile to hide under the table). Needless to say, this week's challenge has been demanding.

But, oh, what joys! I'm tasting my food again, noticing textures, flavours, temperatures - even though that's not expressly what I set out to do. As I've slowed down my eating, I literally feel like I've slowed down my mind. It's really rather incredible.

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