Friday, 17 May 2013

Week 20 Update: Staying mindful to the tune of "The farmer in the dell"

I've been up and down the stairs plenty of times this week. And it's been far more mindful than in the past.

Ok, so I'll admit that not every trip up and down has been mindful. Sometimes I've zipped up those stairs faster than you can imagine. On the whole, though, the stairs have become a place of their own this week - not just a thoroughfare, but an actual location worthy of my attention.

The thing that has helped me the most? Well, I've been singing ...

I spend a lot of time ascending and descending the stairs with my son. So this week, we've made it quite the affair. "We're going up/down the stairs, we're going up/down the stairs, mummy and baby are going up/down the stairs!" (to the tune of 'The farmer in the dell'). 

As I repeatedly belted out this tune, I realised the significance of what I was saying, or rather, what I was not saying. My little ditty did not refer to what we were going up/down the stairs for. There was no destination, no purpose, just a simple observation of fact.

All in all, I think my approach gave me a lot this week - all those moments on the stairs add up to lots of mindful time. So I think my new song may get a lot more air-time here.

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