Saturday, 25 May 2013

Week 21 Update: One to hang onto.

Meditation is a funny ol' thing. Some days, when I've sat down to meditate, it has felt absolutely lovely. On other days, I've wanted to peel off my own skin (nothing like a bit of drama, hey).

My mind, just like everyone else's, has a particular way about it - it wants me to believe everything it says. Like when it tells me that I don't have time to meditate, or whinges and moans for me to open my eyes already and double check the time. My mind resembles a two-year-old in many ways: persistent, ego-driven, bossy ... Yet it is possible for me to step back from it and watch it all unravel - even if only fleetingly.

That's what meditation has been for me this week - a way to really be in the moment by allowing myself to disconnect from all those crazy, haphazard, jumbled thoughts of mine. Somehow, things seem clearer after I meditate. It's not like I magically turn off my mind (far from it in fact), or as if I have all the answers to life's problems and challenges. I think I just get a bit of ... perspective.

This week has made it abundantly clear that meditation is good for me (no great shock, but it's always good to remember!) and good for my family. I'm nicer when I meditate; pure and simple. Even on the days when meditation feels frustrating, I'm still nicer. Plus, it helps me to tap into what I need - whether it be more rest, more challenges, less housework (!) ... it really seems to make life that little bit more balanced.

Meditation may have been my challenge for Week 21, but this is one challenge I'll be hanging onto - it's too valuable to let it slip through my fingers as I think about week 22 and beyond. So I'm going to aim to meditate every day. I'll be flexible and kind with myself though - the last thing I need is to turn it into something that hangs over my head and feels like a burden. Like any habit, it's a matter of making it a habit - just showing up every day!

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