Friday, 7 June 2013

Week 23 Update: I'm happy and I know it.

Turns out I'm pretty gosh-darned happy! It's incredible what tuning into happiness can do. There were plenty of moments this week that ordinarily would have passed me by without any acknowledgement of the pure happiness, joy and contentment I felt.

It's as though we normally buzz along through life with little regard for how we feel until we hit a bump. Then it's all "why me?!" "not again!" "%*#!". So it was a pleasant surprise this week to notice that in between all those bumps and sometimes even right beside them, are moments of happiness.

Some of the little moments I had this week: snuggles with my little boy, the first sip of a hot cuppa, watching my son play at the park, the sound of laughter, sharing a smile with my husband, chatting with beautiful friends ... on and on I could go.

Noticing all of these little (and big!) moments, I've had a shift in perspective. I feel more abundant, grateful and content. I'm happy and I know it!

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