Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 24: Are you listening?

I've just been to the zoo! It was my son's first visit and he loved it. We saw some amazing animals - marvelled at the running giraffes, laughed at the playful monkeys, and were left awe struck by the sheer size of the elephants.

But it wasn't all about what we saw, the sounds were something else. We heard the incredible roar of the lion and the impressive call of the orangutan. Even listening to the varied voices and accents of our fellow zoo-goers was interesting. The look on my 14 month old's face said it all - those animal noises were amazing.

Our sense of sound is something we shouldn't take for granted, but, like everything in life,  we can get complacent. This week I'm focusing on this gift of sound. Whether it be sitting and listening to a piece of music  or revelling in the sound of my son's laughter, this week, the ear's the thing.

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