Sunday, 23 June 2013

Week 26: 25 Weeks of Then; The Half Way Point; Taking Stock.

Week 26. That's officially half way in my 52 week mindfulness challenge.

Honestly, time flies when you're being mindful (ha!).

I hate to use a cliché, but really, where have the last six months gone?

I've ummed and ahhed over a fitting half way challenge. I figure it has to be something really good. Something I can sink my teeth into. Something seriously mindful. I thought and thought. I came up with ideas and filed them away for week 27 and beyond. Nothing seemed quite right. Then it hit me: It's time to take stock. With 25 weeks of challenges behind me, where am I now? What challenges do I continue to face and where have I grown? This half way milestone is a perfect opportunity to take a good hard look at where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going (mindfully of course).

I'm going to spend the week thinking about all of these things, setting my course for the second half of this challenge. I'm thinking of it as a meditation of sorts. Stay tuned at the end of the week for my analysis!

Here's a quick summary of the challenges from week 1 through 25. I'll be looking at this a bit over the next week!

Week 1: Focusing on one task only while on the computer.
Week 2: Mindful eating.
Week 3: Not interrupting people when they're talking.
Week 4: Getting out into nature.
Week 5: Making lists (to get 'stuff' out of my head)
Week 6: Focusing on the breath.
Week 7: Loosening my very tight connection with my mobile phone.
Week 8: Noticing feelings, not pushing them away.
Week 9: Sitting down to read every day.
Week 10: Finding my 'half smile' when frustrated.
Week 11: Moving house mindfully.
Week 12: Focusing on smell.
Week 13: Mantra: "I have all the time I need"
Week 14: Simplifying - un-subscribing from email lists.
Week 15: Taking time for myself.
Week 16: Thinking before I speak.
Week 17: Noticing judgements.
Week 18: Daily yoga asana practice.
Week 19: Accepting things the way they are.
Week 20: Mindfully taking the stairs.
Week 21: Meditating every day.
Week 22: Focusing on ONE bite of food at a time.
Week 23: Noticing when I'm happy.
Week 24: Focusing on sounds.
Week 25: Moving on from the small stuff.

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