Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 34: Three Things.

As I sit typing this, I'm at a rather messy desk. It's covered in papers, a drinking glass, a couple of cds, pencils and pens, a couple of gifts that I need to wrap, and a few other odds and ends. Mostly though, I don't pay these things much notice, I just get on with what I'm doing.

This got me to thinking. How often do I miss what's around me simply because I'm on autopilot?

My husband and I laugh every time we take our son out. The world is such an amazing place for him. Every little thing evokes a cry of "What's that?!" or the somewhat less eloquent "uh-uh-uh!". He is fascinated by the details, blown away by the variety and excitement of his surroundings. When do we lose that?

I tend to think of myself as having retained some of that child-like wonder. Yet I know my view of the world is rather greyer than it once was.

This week's mindfulness challenge will hopefully bring back some appreciation of my surroundings. I came across the '3 Item Exercise' here. Here's how it's done:

Begin by breathing normally and focusing your awareness on your breath. Slowly draw your awareness away from your breathing and towards your surroundings. Looking around, take note of: three items you can see, three things you can hear and three sensations you can feel.

Simple, yes? I'm going to try to do this at least twice a day. Sometimes at home, sometimes when out and about. It will be interesting to see what is new or surprising in my surroundings. Even if nothing seems new or surprising, or even particularly exciting, it will bring me into the moment and allow me to stop, look, listen and feel.

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