Friday, 23 August 2013

Week 34 Update: Simplicity in Noticing.

Stop. Listen. Feel. See. 

Notice three things you can hear, three things you can feel, and three things you can see.

Grounded? Or at least more present? I thought so.

I've loved this week's challenge of noticing 'three things'. So terribly simple, yet it's allowed me to appreciate the simple things around me every day.

Often I've noticed the sound of my own breath, the sensation of the breath in my nostrils. At other times I've been acutely aware of the sound of my son's voice and laughter or the infectious call of a kookaburra out the window. I've noticed my dogs - really noticed them. I've watched my husband in a way I haven't for a long time - just watching, noticing.

I've tried to avoid creating any kind of 'dialogue' or 'story' to go along with what I've heard/felt/seen, but that's been hard. Still, the stories I've told myself this week are lovely ones. Ones that lead me to a greater appreciation of all the things I've heard/felt/seen. For aren't I blessed to have the ability to take all of these things in; to be surrounded by incredible people, animals and things.

Such a simple practice, one that can be called upon at any time, any place. A way to ground yourself, to become mindful of the moment just as it is. Because now is the only moment you've got.

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