Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 11: The mindful move.

The day has nearly arrived: tomorrow, I pick up the keys to our new house!

To say I'm excited is an understatement. To say I'm exhausted at the prospect of all that cleaning and unpacking is also an understatement.

I'm all too aware of my habits and how they're likely to play out over the next week as we make the big move into our new home. I'm very much a "close enough is good enough" kinda gal. Perfection isn't necessary in my book. Clean enough is clean enough, finished enough is finished enough ... I have a tendency to rush when I clean (let's face it, it's usually rather boring!) and desperately want to finish what I've started so I can get on with the next thing on my list. I see the all-to-real possibility of rooms close to clean, but not quite finished, and boxes unpacked in a flurry of "unpacking panic".

So, this week is going to be all about making the move as mindful as possible. I'm going to clean in a mindful way, focusing not on the end goal, but on the process itself. There will be plenty to notice - each swipe of my cloth, each push of the vacuum; soaking in the nuances of my stack of bricks. Likewise, when I rip open box after box of my belongings, I'll unpack them with intention, attention and focus.

After close to three weeks living under someone else's roof (thank you, Ian and Sue, your hospitality has been nothing short of amazing), I'm ready to get stuck into making our new house a home. But I really don't want to rush. I'm too tired for that, and the end result would simply be unsatisfying. A mindful move, a mindful mover ... bring it!

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