Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 12 Update: An odour-ful pause.

"Stop and smell the roses"

The key word here? Stop.

This week has been about taking the time to notice smells. I did my best to create lots of beautiful scents by baking, cooking, burning essential oils and exploring the garden with my son. In all of these scenarios, to really, truly be aware of smells, I had to stop. Often I would close my eyes as I let my nostrils fill with the smell of piping hot fruit buns or freshly ground spices. It was lovely.

To be fair, it can happen the other way around, too; a smell can literally stop us in our tracks (a dirty nappy is a good example ...). Either way, when we become aware of a smell ('good' or 'bad'), we pause in the moment of noticing. This little pause, before even our inner voice has had a chance to produce commentary, is a moment of beautiful mindfulness.

I know I'll be stopping to smell those roses more often.

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