Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 13: Tick-tock.

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" The frenzied panic of the clock-watching White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is an image I can relate to. At times, it's as though the 'tick-tock' of the clock fills the space between my ears. This incessant ticking pushes me to a place of agitated alarm; a fear that time will continue to whiz by as my list of things to do grows.

Ah, the drama of it all! Is that what I feed off?

I'm sitting here feeling rushed. I want to knock a little bit of sense into myself. What's there to be rushed about? We've moved into our new home and, sure, there are boxes left to unpack but, really, what's the rush? My son turns one this coming weekend and we're having a party. I don't think I've ever thrown a party before, and I'm hugely aware of all the 'stuff' I have to do to pull it off. Still, this impending party (which will be fun!) is not sucking me into a time vortex ... really, it'll all be fine.

So what is it, then? It's habit, that's it. A habit of mine that seems to want to hang around. This week I'm going to throw another mantra at it (I'm a big fan of mantra!) in the hope that I can re-program my "time is running out" mentality.

"I have all the time I need"

And really, I do. What will get done will get done. Life is not one big race to the finish line - it's a journey. This week's mantra will help me to remember that. I'm taking a deep breath and remembering: "I have all the time I need".

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