Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 13 Update: An illness, a party, a ticking clock.

This week started with a great test of my resolve for the week ... I got sick. Suddenly, my "I have all the time I need mantra" was challenged. In my mind I was saying "I have all the time I need, minus three days!".

My son, Lincoln, turned one today! We threw a party and it was a huge success. Of course, the party preparation consumed my week (or what was left of it post-illness). I cooked, baked, cleaned and decorated. I looked at the clock, wondered if it would all get done, and reminded myself that I had all the time I needed. And I did have all the time I needed. In the end, I really did; it all came together beautifully. In fact, it was better than I'd imagined.

I learnt (or remembered?) two really important things this week:

1. The fear of running out of time is a mind game. I may have 'lost' three days to illness, but realistically all I lost in those three days was additional time to worry - not actual 'doing' time.

2. Getting worked up about running out of time is a bigger time waster and problem-maker than the actual risk of running out of time. Last night, as soon as I started to freak out that things wouldn't get done, that's when I started making mistakes. The wrong ingredients would go into the bowl and I'd have to start again. Things simply run more smoothly when I have my head on straight and I stay steady and calm. My mantra this week helped to bring me back to this place.

All in all, a great challenge this week that was very well timed!

Now I'm off to sleep off the excitement of the day.

Happy Easter all! And happy birthday to my baby, Lincoln xo

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