Saturday, 16 March 2013

Week 11 Update: It's in the stars?

I rarely read my horoscope; but yesterday I did. It was enough to make me laugh out loud. It started like this: "Hurry up. No, no. Quicker than that. Faster. Work harder. You don't like my tone? I'm only emulating the voice in the back of your mind. The one that keeps nudging and nagging. You are not obliged to listen. Not to me, and not to that." (credit where credit is due: this comes from Jonathan Cainer in the Herald Sun).

Well, well, well. Me? Quicker, faster, more? Never! 

What a hectic week. The mindful move. Boxes everywhere, one mischievous baby (almost toddler), two boisterous dogs, multiple tradesmen/deliveries/visitors, an injury to make things interesting ... utter exhaustion!

At the beginning of the week I commented that I wanted to move as mindfully as possible. I didn't want to rush, I didn't want to fall into my normal traps. And while the week has been a bit of a blur in many ways, mindfulness has always been on my mind. Any time I caught myself rushing I reminded myself to take my time.

So yes, I've been busy; yes, I kept working through an injury; yes, at times (ok, lots of times) I've felt a bit panicked and rushed. But that little reminder to stay mindful has generally been enough to pull me back, see the bigger picture, and slow the heck down.

And you know what? I think it's these constant reminders that are the secret. It's doubtful I'll wake up one day and suddenly be mindful all of the time. Mindfulness is a practice. So, it's natural that it takes .... practice. Moving is proving to be a perfect opportunity for a mindfulness intensive!

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